Stained Innocence

A droplet of tear
Wish time to go back
To when you’re still here
Erasing my innocence
You sweetly stole my kiss
Bit my lip gently
Then drove me to bliss
Your smooth caresses
With your gentle hands on me
You stroke me so skillfully
I was in your mercy
My shortcomings
You’d forgiven every time
As I knelt to you
In your grace so divine
To me you’re immortal
You are my Aphrodite
I am your loyal servant
My Goddess of love and beauty
But you’re no immortal
Comes the day I dread
I stand by your grave
Where you are lying dead
Then there’s another shadow
Standing right behind
A solitary figure
In our fate’s entwined
Like a romantic lover
He’s got roses for you
Clearly your favorite
Same with what I brought too
Then passionately laid
The roses he brought
Must be a close friend
Was what I first thought
A serious aura
A strong personality
With elegant posture
Clear sense of maturity
But even how strong
This man seemed to be
He still shed a tear
Must have loved you truly
He mumbled some words
My world was shaken
As he recited your vows
My heart was being broken
Not believing my ears
Wished I’ve heard it wrong
You’re the only one I loved
But you’re a cheat all along
The way you cling to him
Oh, was it true?
You even played his pet
Oh no, it can’t be you
The way you screamed and begged
You never did to me
For to you I’m the slave
Who’ll follow you for eternity
I gave up hopes and dreams
Gave in to your demands
I lived in obedience
My law is your commands
Whack me however hard
Destroy my whole body
But never my heart
Hope you love me truly
But it was never to be
This wishful thinking
This man is the proof
I was just your play thing
I couldn’t help it
I could only cry
Looked at your other lover
And bade your grave goodbye
A droplet of tear
Taken for granted
Wish time to go back
To the day we’re introduced
I won’t be cheated
Neither will I be seduced

Let thoughts flow freely with emotions


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