Maybe Too Late

The waivering of my heart
Keeps leading me back to you
Don’t wanna be apart
Yet it’s me who caused you to
The calling of my yesterday
Makes me hesitate to move on
Every night, it’s you I pray
It’s still you I think until dawn
Your gentle caresses
I can still clearly recall
How you’ve been there when I’m helpless
How you’ve been there when I fall
Your every letter
And the first time we met
Even the way you whisper
Oh, how can I forget
Your posture when you sit
Your demeanor as you stand
I like it when our eyes meet
I like it when you hold my hand
Pictures of you
Still fresh in my memory
The things we used to do
Events that formed our story
The years we’re together
A time very well spent
Those days we share laughter
And love we truly meant
Sweating for our own dreams
We cheer each other up
List’ning to each other’s schemes
Together climbing the top
Getting past through anything
We hold on together
We never stop dreaming
And keep on becoming better
But greediness paid a visit
And I was never satisfied
It’s become hard for us to meet
Then I learned to leave your side
Though you did your best to save me
From the dangers of discontent
I could no longer hear your plea
Nor the caveats of my descent
Taking on a different road
Walking the path opposite yours
I left you like you’re some load
As I moved along the course
Falling on deaf ears
Your words didn’t reach
Taking no notice of your tears
Just focusing on every hitch
I took you for granted
That was so stupid of me
All along, it’s you I wanted
But with greed, I failed to see
All along I thought
I’ve been chasing the dream
But the goal I sought
Turned out wrong it would seem
No matter how far I go
I get an uneasy feeling
For even in success I know
A part of me has been missing
I continue my journey
Though the goal isn’t as clear
For even in victory
I’m missing what I hold dear
Fighting my loneliness
I keep myself busy
Feeling empty in success
I wish you’re here with me
It may be too late now
For realization to kick in
Still I want to somehow
Be honest with what I’m feeling
I really love you
Must be hard to believe
This feeling I still hold true
How I wish I didn’t leave

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