Just Right Behind

Little by little
I kept on moving forward
Though it seemed like eternity
Have you ever heard a complaint from me?
Painfully, yes, painfully
I held on with all my strength
You’ve always felt so far away
Yet have you seen me give up in any way?
My light, my courage
That’s what you are to me
My lead, my goal
It’s you I’ve always wanted to be
Always, I stare at your back
Admiring and hoping
Have you ever noticed?
Oh, how I’ve been wondering
Despite you seeming to have everything
You still look so lonely
How I wish I could reach you
And learn more of the “you” we failed to see
To be your equal or even to surpass you
The past me kept on repeating
To make you recognize and accept me
I was still naive for thinking
I followed your lead on my own accord
Driven by my own curiosity and pride
Little did the naive me know
Pressures of this world forced you in this one long ride
If only I could keep up
And be able to stay just right behind
I promise to give you a push
For you, I’ll set aside my pride
Really, do you need to be perfect in their eyes?
You’ll let these pressures affect you?
No need to put up a strong front anymore
You can always be yourself with me
Yes, it’s the great you whom I’ve been following
But to me you don’t have to act perfect
Don’t let expectations devour you
Come on, walk this path together with me
Hope you could give me a chance
To help you out of this loneliness
For, trust me, I understand
Your desire to find own happiness

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