In A World Too Strange

It really is surprising
How a narrow street bustling with people
Can be as vast as the night sky filled with stars
A society too strange for me to blend in
My voice unheard no matter how hard I shout
It used to frighten me
To step into a world completely new
My body would stiffen in fear
My hands would go really cold
They’d tremble and I’d lose control
How different have I become
I ponder as I watch the people around
Their cold stare suffocating me
Their grin, their laughter
They make faces I don’t understand
So strange the world has become
As I resolutely chase my dreams
Too much focused on my pursuit
Now I understand not a thing
Outside the world I myself built
Finding no reason at all
To grieve for that which has been lost
And that which could have been
Ignoring those which are incomprehensible
Confining myself inside my own shell
For a time I take courage
And risk to peek outside
But the sun is too bright it blinds me
It’s too hot I get burned
And that makes me fear the outside even more
Time and time again
I see the world in its kindness
Embraced by the light of acceptance
Filled with hope and courage
I come back to the world once again
But when reality hurts badly
When I can’t bear any more pain
I cower back to my shell
Hide myself from the world
And back to the shadows once again
In a world of loneliness and cruelty
Future seems a scary thought
But through all weaknesses and insecurities
And above all the uncertainties
I learn to trust myself
Even when every time I turn around
Strangeness is the only thing that’s familiar
And though my heart may waiver
And my mind begins to doubt
I’ll live and reach for my dreams no matter what

Let thoughts flow freely with emotions


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