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Back to Writing!

After more than a year of inactivity, I’m glad to be back to writing again. It has been a really busy time shifting jobs, learning new skills, and meeting new people.

The domain name IdeaStrike.Net has not been renewed but thank you for the readers who keeps on coming back to this site. And as a thank you to for your untiring effort to support this site, here’s my new poem, Like A Pillow.

Thank you for your continued support!

“Suppressed!”: Honorable Write [1]

Mental Interpretation to My Body

written by Kaysina Melody

My skin laced like ribbon with secrets
embraces the haunted house of a rib cage and a tight rope spine;
a heart that pumps oil rather than blood,
and lungs that have never been permitted to exhale toxins
leaving me to believe I have no room for healing or light.
To my amusement,
light does not supplement or define
a suitable synonym for healing,
just the inability to experience insight
into my own choices.
So as my heart beats loudly,
my rib cage turns into a xylophone of horrors
crying out in haunted pleas for solace.
Trespassers have been warned at my rusted gates
to never be fooled by the sun rays that pass through my transparent
Remember, the light blinds those who wish to see a vivid picture.
As time flies,
my bones begin to deteriorate into coarse sand.
The same sand that negotiates time tables and fate
to those on the edge of their own destiny.
My facade has lowered, not due to my own will,
yet somehow I find peace in its own silver lining.
As the last haunting melody chimes through the wind,
I am reduced to nothing but a tiny seed,
just in time for the next soul to be swept away
in their own parallel universe.

“Suppressed!”: Honorable Write [2]


written by Luna Poetria

My self flagellated psyche
Lies abandoned in its cage.
The wounds are gaping fiercely
And the blood runs hot with rage.
Salted tears flow freely
Like a never ending rain.
They sizzle as they hit my skin.
I’ve no room left for pain.
A cool wind whispers softly.
It implores me to forgive.
It fans the flames of rage, which scream out
The cage door flings wide open
And my damaged mind takes flight.
No longer trapped in darkness,
With an appetite for fight.
Do you want to watch me
As I make my old world burn?
Be wary, don’t get in my way.
Next time may be your turn.

My First Gold

I’m really sleepy and am about to sleep but as I check my email, I receive great news that inspire me to take time to post something on my blog today.

Just this month, I stumbled upon this contest…



It’s a contest in for Filipino writers. I was inspired to write and submit something.

I haven’t checked my emails for days and checking today, I receive a message that the contest has ended.



To my surprise, I see this…



I’m really happy to win especially it’s my first gold!! I didn’t spend that much time writing the poem but I did spend so much emotions in writing it. I am really happy to know that this poem has been greatly appreciated by the readers and the judge of the contest.

I would like to express my gratitude to Wanderess for picking my poem to win and of course, to all the readers. In AllPoetry’s site, this is my most read poem so far.

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

To WordPress readers, you can view this poem here. I’m glad to share with you the poem, Kapalit ay Luha. Hope you like it.

Of My Country’s Independence

It has been more than an hour since the day of commemoration of the independence of our country, the Philippines. Yet, I don’t believe it’s too late to be posting this poem I specifically write for the celebration. It’s my first post in the Filipino language. You may notice in the right menu a new category, Filipino Corner. This category is added to contain write-ups that are written in my mother-tongue.

I apologize to the non-Filipino readers who are unable to read and understand Filipino. This poem is dedicated to my country to depict the problems we currently face regarding crimes and terrorism resulting from our differences in religions and beliefs. Hope you’ll continue to wait patiently for my next posts.

To the Filipino readers, I hope you’ll take time to read this new poem,
Bandila, Sa Sagisag Mo. Hope the poem’s message reaches you and in your own way let it reach others too.