Need More Sleep

About a couple of months ago, I woke up one morning feeling sick. My head hurt badly. I was a little dizzy. The boisterous ringing of my mobile phone’s alarm was pulling me away from my sleep.

It had been a busy period at work and a stressful time at home. And with the heaps of problems, I almost wanted to do nothing but to just lie down and rest.

As I was lazily looking up at the ceiling that noon, I thought about this poem to describe my simple wish of getting some more sleep. It is a short poem written for a simple idea. Hope you’ll let me know what you think of Look at You through the comments.

A Month Gap

I look at my last post only to realize that I have failed to post my poems for the past month. It’s been a busy month that I can’t find time to write in my blog. Hopefully, things are expected to lighten up a bit this month so I hope you can continue coming back to this site for my new poems.

As I do not really have time to post my poems today, hope you can wait till next week for a bunch of poems coming.

As always, thanks to all the readers who keep coming back to this site.