A Lonely Mathematical Story


Huh? You may be wondering, “What’s the point of the definition above? Isn’t this a poetry blog? Or has this blog turned for the discussion of mathematics?”  Don’t worry, this is still a blog for poetry.

The word Aymptote is our word for the day. It’s not that we are having math or vocabulary lessons here but it’s a very important word to understand my new poem. See, I found this contest on Math poems and decided to write one.

The definition above from Wikipedia must still be unclear for those who are not inclined to math (especially its haters). So to better understand, here’s a graph.

asymptote Still, what’s the point? If you look at how the parabolas (or in more layman’s term, curves) are drawn, you can imagine a sad story in which two lovers’ destinies are not meant to be joined.

Well, mathematically, asymptotes are not really to graph lovers’ destinies. But as we use our imaginations, we, writers, are free to come up with any new ideas. So here’s my math poem, Geometry’s Melancholy. I have tried my best to write this in terms that can easily be understood even to those who do not really like Math. Hope you’ll like this poem, though.

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