Contest Name: Where shall we go?

Yesterday morning has been a great morning as I received a message from the host of one contest I previously joined in December in


I didn’t won first place but still it’s my first win so I was really happy. I went to see the contest page to view the finalist list. And though it wasn’t first prize, it is really an honor for me to get recognize for the poem I wrote.


My entry to this contest was also posted in this site a month ago. Here’s the poem With Me which I especially wrote for this contest.

I would also like to congratulate all the winners. I have read the poems and they’re really enjoyable to read. Thank you to all the wonders your poems bring us.

A Poem on Strangeness

It’s been some time since my last post and especially since I last wrote a long poem. I have been working on a new poem for 4 days and today, I can finally share it to you. Here’s my new 10-stanza poem, In A World Too Strange. It’s a poem I feel really strongly about that I spend time writing it while in the mall, in the grocery store, and even on the way to work. It’s about how strange the world seems to me as I try to focus on what I do that I oftentimes fail to understand what people would normally do.

Hope you’ll like it and hope you can share some feedback about it. Thank you to all the readers for your continuous patronage.

How Do I Feel Today? [Exhausted]

I have been busy with a lot of things with my work and my personal life that no matter how much I try to refresh my mindset and regain inspiration, I feel so tired that I only want to lie down and rest. I feel the need to rest so much that even when there are still a lot of important things that I need to take care of, I don’t anymore have the strength to continue.

Using all what’s left with my strength, I write this new poem Exhausted to put my exhaustion into words.

How Do I Feel Today? [Bored]

There are a lot of things I need to do right now particularly things I need to study for my career. But for some reason, I feel so tired from all the activities I have done from both my work and my personal life that I feel lazy and bored.

I have landed into my dream job so I don’t think I should be complaining. I just have to take some rest, refresh my mindset and pull myself together to get back to my feet.

Anyway, to depict how I feel, I write this new poem…

Oh Boredom

Oh boredom, oh please I beg
Take off these chains that bind me
Their too tight I can’t breathe
Hear me, oh please, and set me free
Oh boredom, I beg of you
Take everything away but my passion
Give me at least some space to move
And pursue that thing called “ambition”
Oh boredom, please hear me out
Don’t pull me in your cold empty space
It’s tempting to just lie on you
But success, I’ll never get to taste
Oh boredom, I greatly refuse
To give in to your soft cuddling
It may be nice to just lie and rest
But living will feel like dying
Oh boredom, I need to go
You know I still have a dream to chase
Making the right thing by leaving you behind
Not letting my life ever go to waste

Been Busy

The last few days have been really busy days as yesterday was the “blessing” of my first house. It really went well but I got so exhausted that I slept the whole day today.

There weren’t new posts in this site for a while and that’s for the very reason. I hope you wouldn’t get tired of visiting this site though. Please look forward to new posts. Hope you can keep on reading.

How he used to describe me? [Steadfast]

Here’s a poem entitled, Steadfast. Someone I looked up to described me as such when I was younger. 10 years ago on this day, I made a decision that changed my life forever. And remembering that, I write this poem.


The very word that started all
Driven only by fun
And excitement uncontrolled
Ignorant of reality
A big decision made
A new world stepped into
With the heart untamed
Unwavering spirit
A budding explorer
Curiosity knows no boundary
Indeed a dreamer
Bumped into brick wall
Yet still not stopping
Getting around somehow
Truly unrelenting
Steadfast and assiduous
With dream that started all
May have started with obstinacy
But now truly standing tall

How Do I Feel Today? [Disconsolate]

Oh, blowing wind
Is that lament song you’re singing?
I find serene just sitting here
But I cry at your soft whispering
You wrap your arms around me
I shiver for their cold
But thank you for staying
And trying to give me console
Please do touch me gently
And blow my tears away
Sing to me in my loneliness
Till I see a bright new day

A Cleaner Look for 2017

You may have noticed that I change the template back to one that I already used before. I find this template cleaner than the one before this especially with the links increasing on the sidebar. Hope you’ll like this one better.

That is not to say that the improvements stop here. Since I really have a little time to work on my blog, this is the first step I decide to take.

Thank you for reading my poems. Hoping for your continuous visit to this site. Surely, more poems are waiting to be read in 2017. I want to greet everyone again a “Happy blessed New Year”.