Just Before This Year Ends

I don’t really wish to write a sad poem on a Christmas Season but some emotions simply can’t be suppressed. Abstract things like hope for the coming new year can’t be achieve if we don’t act on the problems we face.

Hoping to reach out to the person I currently have some arguments with, I write this new poem, My Only Plead. Just before this year ends, I simply want to make my voice be heard.

Not Too Late for Another

Hope it’s not yet too late for another Christmas poem. I actually composed this before Christmas but only got to post it today.

From our country, the Philippines, Christmas is started to be felt as early as September. Preparations are started. Christmas Trees and figures of Santa Claus are sold everywhere. Our country is said to have the longest Christmas as a lot of preparations are held during the “-ber” months.

Depicting this culture, I wrote the poem, Days Before Christmas.

Site Reorganization

I’ll be on a process of another reorganization of the site contents especially of the navigation. You may have already noticed by now that the links on the right are overflowing as many poems are now written for this site.

I’ll be working on this but for now, I apologize for the eyesore of a navigation. For the meantime, while waiting for things to be done, hope you enjoy my two new posts: