My First Home

My 21.25 sqm. house was turned over to me in January of 2015. I wasn’t that happy seeing it as it was so small. Just about two months ago, its expansion was started. Visiting it last night, I couldn’t express how happy I was seeing it.

I almost got lost going to my own house as I couldn’t recognize it as I arrived. It was a really rewarding sight! Seeing it so beautiful with the new gate, paint, parking area and the lights, it was breath-taking.

Expressing my emotions, I wrote this new poem Reward. Hope I’m able to vividly express my emotions in this very short poem.

Oops… My Bad…

Just a few moments ago, I said the third poem I wrote hasn’t been judged yet and the contest is still accepting entries. I didn’t notice that the contest ended 2 days ago and winners have been announced.

I didn’t win. I never expected it anyway. But I hope readers like the poem.

Congratulations to the winners!

Starting the Season

For my first poem for this Christmas Season, I wrote one for a 4-line contest in All Poetry. The theme was, “What is Christmas to you?”

I didn’t win. Still, I would like to share the poem, Take A Load Off to you. This may lighten up your hearts and liven up your spirits.

To the readers, “hope you’ll like it”. To the winners, “Congratulations! You did great!” And, to the other participants, “I enjoyed reading your poems. Thanks a lot.”