Maybe Too Late

Though you did your best to save me
From the dangers of discontent
I could no longer hear your plea
Nor the caveats of my descent

Another Poem for You

I had a notebook before containing poems I wrote when I was still in primary school. I hope I can share some contents with you but I am still having a hard time finding it.

My first poem was about my mother’s father. I wrote it when I was 8. He was especially kind to me. He would buy me my favorite. Ripe mangoes, that is!

Reminiscing the old times, I write another poem. Only this time, he is not here to read it anymore. Still, I am hoping that if he can hear me, he would smile at this poem like he used to.

Here’s the poem entitled, Grandpa.

I Firmly Believe

A friendship not built in trust is not true friendship.
I lost some friends before and I don’t want to lose any now. Thought we’ve been trusting each other but turned out that’s not the case at all. I don’t want history to be repeating itself now. I may not know of the words to say but let this new poem I wrote sing my feelings.
If there is one thing I firmly believe, that is… “Friendship should be built in trust.”
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